distance. and perspective.

Simple Life

How lucky am I. As our office is going some major reconstruction work and we’re asked to either work out of a limited interim space or remotely, I have been able to leave Washington D.C. for just over a month and venture ‘home’ to Europe to see family and friends. This means 1 week in London, 2 weeks in Germany, then again London for a bit over a week.

Right now, I am in week 1 and enjoying it! But honestly, I also have to say that I am confused.

Traveling and being away expands your horizons and gives you so much new perspective as you don’t have your daily routines and see things with a fresh pair of eyes. Coming to London doesn’t do this for me. For my time here, I am back in my old apartment living with my friend and flatmate. This feels like coming home…

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About mohabdelwahab

the past will remain in the past ,life is something i will never describe because i will always see it in different ways.
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