Kill or be Killed

TCain Photography

Jamal Pano-

Been a while since I’ve been outside to shoot some photographs. The semester is done and I got a free day yayy!! Don’t judge me!

Well I’m back again and on the “Kill or be Killed” photoshoot with Beauchamp Social Club. I set this shoot up as I wanted to try a new technique known as the Brenizer method. The technique allows for a combination of panorama and a shallow depth of field. The shot above, my first attempt, is an example of it. I brought out the we lens to achieve this. The 135mm f2L from canon gives me some awesome crushing of the background. It’s a prime so I had to get used to its distance.

The Brenizer method wasn’t the only pictures I took. I’ll be updating this post with more pictures as I finish them.

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2800

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2794

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2856

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